This was the headline of a recent article by the Associated Press.  What I find most interesting is how this relates to the current Health Care debate that seems to be heating up in Washington.  There are many representatives in D.C. who are arguing that a government run health care alternative would drive the private insurance companies out of business.  The reason, they claim, is simple: unfair competition.  But hey, wait a minute!  Hasn’t the USPS competed with private mail carriers for decades on end? Has Fedex or UPS been irreparably harmed by a government run program?  The answer is a flat ‘NO’.  In fact, as the article points out, it is the USPS that is struggling to keep up and therefore being forced to cut services and most likely jobs.  So let’s just agree that there is no wind in the sails of that argument.  The government cannot and will not destroy the capitalist system. At the same time though, it is important to realize that business and global interdependence does have the capacity to destroy human society, as it has shown in the very near past, unless it is checked and regulated by government.