Whoever thought this was going to be a just a blog about my political and social rantings was wrong.  After all, I can rant about everything, ad nauseum. 
I attempted to upgrade my work computer and home computer to Windows 7 today and had mixed results.  The home system went smoothly and I was even able to remotely connect to it after the install was finished by using my Windows Live Mesh account. 
Now for the sad news, the work system was a train wreck.  After going through the vast majority of the install process it hung for hours at 63% on the Transferring Settings, Applications and files portion of the install.  To be perfectly honest I prefer a work fiasco to a home one any day.  Most of work data is stored on servers anyway.  about the only thing that I lost was my apps, which probably should have had a clean start anyways.
I will post more when I figure out the reason for the problem.  Which by the way, is appearing in forums on the Internet, so I am not alone in this problem.