justice-jesus-ins5.jpgThe following is a snippet from MSNBC.com on the release of convicted Lockerbie terrorist al-Megrahi.  A Scottish judge allowed al-Megrahi to return to Libya after being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer instead of serving out the remainder of his life sentence. 

British Rev. John Mosey, whose daughter Helga, 19, died in the attack, said Wednesday he would be glad to see al-Megrahi return home.

"It is right he should go home to die in dignity with his family. I believe it is our Christian duty to show mercy," he said.

Bear in mind, I am NOT a Christian.  But if I was (again which I am not) I must say this sounds like the appropriate response to take if you were trying to follow the old WWJD line.  There are so many Christians of convenience in the U.S.  On one hand they will push their religion into every facet of public life but on the other, when they have their faith and values “truly” tested they shown to be frauds.  Of course you could argue that as an atheist, which I am, this wouldn’t even be a matter of debate.  Or would it?