From the NYT

Bike-To-Work-bicycle-commute-photoCome January, bike commuters will receive a monthly credit of up to $20 that can be spent on maintaining, repairing or buying bicycles.

Employers, many of whom have long provided tax-free parking and transit benefits, will establish how they administer the cycling tax credit, Ms. Graves said. Employers will be able to deduct the credit from their corporate taxes.

Whoop Dee Do Da Day!!!  A whole $20 for riding your bike!  Please read the whole article.  In a time where motorists are getting thousands to continue the unsustainable, we throw a scrap of rancid meat to those that are truly making a difference, not only for the Peak Oil problem but for the issue of Global Warming and for the Health Care fiasco.  If Congress made real incentives to get people out of their cars, let’s say oh I don’t know, $4500, then maybe we would see real change and not just lip service.  Considering all the money that would be saved in road maintenance and construction alone that would be money very well spent.