This year will mark my second observance of what I feel is one of the most important events of the year, WCFD or World Car Free Day.  At a time of unprecedented obesity rates in the U.S., and many other industrialized nations as well, and at a time when other global crises are looming large (global warming and peak oil), there seems to be a great opportunity for humanity to begin living differently.  The car has been critical to the increased standards of living seen around the world but I fear that it now has reached a point of diminishing returns and may actually be causing us to outstrip the capacity of Mother Earth to support us, at least in our current arrangements.  So for one day, consider leaving that petro sucking beast in the driveway or garage and finding another means of transporting yourself around.  Last year I took the local bus for the first time ever.  Since then I have used it off and on.  Although I still have a long way to go to break my dependence on the automobile, what it did allow me to understand was that alternatives do indeed exist.   It will take sacrifices, something that on a collective scale we’ve all given up.  But if we stand even a small chance of continuing as a species on this marvelous green and blue marble we need to do just that.