In a recent article by Fox reporter, Allison Pataki (yes that would be Georgie’s daughter) she stated the following concerning the Pledge of Allegiance:

Americans have recited the tribute to the stars and stripes since the oath was written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister, in 1892. But Bellamy’s pledge did not include the words "under God," which were added by Congress in 1954 during the McCarthy era, when Cold War tensions with the Soviet Union — an atheist nation — were high in the United States.

On first read, sounds pretty harmless right?  But examine that last sentence a little deeper and you kind of get a different takeaway.  “Under god” was added to the oath during the McCarthy era.   That alone should fail the sanity check.  But Allison goes on to describe the U.S.S.R as an “atheist” nation.  As though, that was the driving force behind their desire for global domination.  So in an effort to protect us from the evil atheists (not communists) we should all recite this new “holy” version of the pledge.  Keep in mind it was McCarthy and his ilk that were the immediate threat to the country.  How do these clowns get away with this stuff?