A proposed law in Washington D.C. to legalize same-sex marriages has the Roman Catholic church ready to walk away from social services that it provides to 68,000 people in the District of Columbia.  Apparently the Catholic Charities care more about Tom and Bob’s private life then actually helping those in need.  They are willing to walk away from the homeless and indigent if it means they have to treat Lesbians and Gays equally.   It would seem that they aren’t bluffing either.  In Massachusetts the Catholic church abandoned an adoption program after that state legalized same-sex unions.   How utterly shameful!!!  This dilemma underscores the issue with faith-based social services.  This was a half-baked scheme devised under “W” to inject religion into government.  I just hope that the DC politicians go ahead with their law and that a secular charity sweeps in and assumes the churches responsibilities.  In my view the outcome is a win-win on 3 fronts.

1.) Same-sex marriage is law in D.C.

2.) the Catholic church is exposed as a group of thugs

3.) social services are provided by an organization without religious affiliation. 

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