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Proving once again that our Super Power days are waning, the U.S. is being out spent and more importantly out thought by its Asian couterparts.  While we cling to our highways and cars, China is thinking about the future in a real way.  When will we wake up and smell the car fumes? 

China is undergoing a rail revolution. Over the next three years, the government will pour some US$300 billion into its railways, expanding its network by 20,000 kilometres, including 13,000 kilometres for high-speed trains.

Another country that got a clue, Saudi Arabia!!!  The Saudis have a lot of money of course to build this type of infrastructure.  Where did they get all that money?  From you and me of course.  And as long as we keep driving cars they can keep building mass transit.  Can you smell the irony in that?  Can you?

The Mecca Metro is due to be launched in Saudi Arabia in 2010. The project is likely to revolutionise the journey of 3 million Muslim pilgrims who make their way to the holy city each year during Hajj. If it operates successfully, another two or three parallel metro lines will be built to support the entire pilgrimage.

So let’s keep driving America!  How else will the rest of the world transition to a non-car world without our car driving addiction.