Shifting demand suggests a future of endless oil – Oil & energy-

Wow!  Is MSNBC working for the oil companies?  Do they understand what the term “endless” actually means?Oil   Are we now claiming that oil is a renewable resource?  If not then what are you saying?  The contention among the “Peak Oil” promoters (myself included) is not that we will run out of oil any time soon but that we will run into supply problems that will cause massive and widespread instability in all forms of systems dependent upon oil.  This article is a gross misrepresentation of reality.  Although it does at least acknowledge that the remaining oil is going to be expensive to extract and of a lesser quality, they completely miss the point.  Oil is indeed in decline and demand is continuing to grow, albeit slower due to worldwide economic recession.  Even if you took the rosy optimist view then you would have to assume that demand will remain level as all of the emerging economies continue to grow.  For numb nuts like MSNBC to be promoting such ridiculous ideas is just more hopeful fantasies.  But even worse, it is putting us in an extremely dangerous place.  If we believe that oil will continue to flow at the same rate or better for at least the next 100 years there is no impetus to change our lifestyles and to end our petroleum addiction.  I prefer to err on the side of caution. 

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