Unexpectedly I had an opportunity to see this movie and I wanted to share my thoughts very briefly:avatar_movie_poster_thumbnail


  1. 3-D, knocked your socks off and wasn’t overdone like the “B” movies of yesteryear.
  2. Visually spectacular film…raised the bar to new heights.  CGI so much better than what we are used to
  3. Sigourney Weaver!!  After kicking Alien ass for years, she now gets to play one herself.  I must be getting old but she’s kind of hot!
  4. The Message – Humans can screw up their own planet but DON’T come around trying to screw up the rest of the universe.


  1. The plot – A little to cliché, sub-plot was Titanic with blue aliens
  2. The antagonist – So predictable and one-dimensional
  3. The religious and spiritual symbolism.  The tribals who were in touch with their magic god were just so more morally pure.  The whole chanting and trance like swaying under the big magic tree was a little too much for this Atheist.

Well that’s all.  If you get the chance give a look see.  Definitely needs to be viewed on the big screen for full effect.