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It’s a good to see that the iPad is promoting the reading of great works of fiction with the introduction of the Olive Tree application.  The Bible stories have never looked so good.  For the zealots among us they will never again have to tote around that old paper version, that bulky weighted version.  Now when they are attempting to spout off on the steps of the Supreme Court, railing against Roe v. Wade or Gay Rights, they can pull out their Apple iPad and wala, instant support for their cause, drawn from the world’s best selling work of myths.  I can’t wait for the Koran version.  I just wonder what they will call it and whether Jihadists will be able to get their hands on it in the remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Isn’t technology great!?

Olive Tree brings heaven to earth on the Apple iPad | The Mobile Gadgeteer |

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