The price of our oil addiction – 

In light of the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, I think it’s high time we start asking ourselves some real tough questions about our oil consumption practices.  We need to begin to connect the dots between our gluttonous consumer lifestyles and the mess that is unfolding before our eyes.  This article is a well written explanation of the damage our addiction is doing to our planet but also our society.

The crack addict needs the dealer; the trafficker needs the producer; and each is embedded in an immense empire of shady government officials,mules, cartel acolytes and peasant growers, as well as a vast shadow world of drug barons, security forces and corrupt governments.

…90 percent of our transportation is fueled by oil; 90 percent of all goods involve oil in some way; and 95 percent of our food products require oil. (To raise one cow and deliver it to market requires more than 250 gallons of oil.) Globally, the world consumes more than 80 million barrels every day; the United States alone accounts for one-quarter of that. According to most industry expectations, by 2025 global oil consumption will increase by more than 50 percent…

By conservative oil industry estimates there were almost 7,000 oil spills between 1970 and 2000, more than one each day (the real figure might be twice or three times that number).

Our oil addiction is hugely destructive, defies logic and is nearly impossible to break. But unlike crack and tobacco, we will eventually run out of oil.

Something has to give.  We need to start viewing every single policy and law through a post-oil filter before it is too late.  It is no coincidence that as we attempt to supplement our oil addiction with other carbon-based resources that tragedy has struck again.  One only needs to read the headlines about the multitude of coal mine disasters that have happened in the last few years, to understand what I am referring to.  I don’t want those deaths on my conscience.  How about you?

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