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This is really extensive risk-analysis for those who are considering “coming out” about their atheism.  I don’t agree completely with every aspect of the article but in general it is a good intro to the pitfalls of exposing yourself.  Just for the record, I do not hide my Atheism whatsoever.  I do try and refrain from engaging believers in debate but even then sometimes I do find myself engaging those that are more open-minded and less apt to be offended by intellectual banter.  I have on occasion walked into mine fields and through experience and wisdom have become a lot more careful about who I choose to engage on the topic.  It’s important to understand that strong Atheists are still very much in the minority and can be seen as a real threat to some, even just our presence.  Good luck!

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Coming Out to Coworkers & Employers: Should You Reveal Your Atheism at Work or to Employers?

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