Why Doesn’t the Media Interrogate Tea Partiers’ Beliefs? – Newsweek

This a honest examination of the "kid-glove" handling that the media has been giving the Tea Party movement.  Many of the points stated in the article are things that I have been repeating myself or at least inquiring about.  Here are some interesting quotes:

"But what if what motivates them is ignorance? A CBS/New York Times poll showed that 44 percent of Tea Partiers believe their taxes have gone up under President Obama, and only 2 percent believed they have gone down, even though, in fact, Obama has cut taxes."

"Likewise, a University of Washington poll found Tea Partiers to be roughly twice as likely to have negative attitudes about African-Americans and immigrants as the general population. Might it be possible that the Tea Partiers who profess no racial motivation are, let’s say, not entirely aware of their own visceral motivations?"

I would hazard a guess that most get their news from FOX and therefore ignorance is high on the motivating factors.  What’s more astonishing is that ignorance does not translate to uneducated.  The profile of a Tea Partier is middle-aged, male, white, and college educated.  The frustration expressed by this movement is shared by all but I fear that this is the worst group to carry that frustration forward into action, action that would result in a very intolerant, mis-guided state similar to the post World War II, McCarthy era.