A staggering 1 million people a year are killed in traffic related fatalities worldwide.  Here are some other statistics to mull over:

      • One in every 50 deaths worldwide is associated with road accidents…traffic crashes are second only to childhood infections and AIDS as a killer of people between the ages of 5 and 30.
      • Each year, 1.2 million drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians are killed in traffic crashes. By 2020, traffic deaths are expected to increase by 80 percent as hundreds of millions of cars are added to the roads

Source – http://www.dui.com/dui-library/fatalities-accidents/statistics/traffic-deaths

  • Over 80 percent of the children under the age of 15 that were victims of an auto accident who died were either pedestrians or pedal cyclists who were struck by drunk drivers.

Source – http://ezinearticles.com/?Car-Accident-Fatalities&id=304067

So where’s the outrage?  38 million more people every year are injured in traffic accidents!  Why is it that we take such risks with our lives and our health just so we can get from place to place?  I probably wouldn’t be so incredibly passionate about this topic if I didn’t know so many people who have had their lives forever altered by a motor vehicle accident.  Some paid with their lives.  Some were the drivers, some the passengers, and some were unfortunate enough to be on the street, the dominion of the almighty car.  Here’s a list of people I know that have been affected by car accidents:

      • Grandfather – hit by a car as a child and suffered severe brain trauma, had to relearn how to do everything
      • Cousin – killed at the age of 32, texting while driving
      • Uncle – Head on collision with another vehicle, killed one of my High School teachers
      • Colleague – Father-in-law killed while riding his bicycle
      • Students – Two girls from the HS that I taught at while I was a student teacher had a head on collision, with one of the girl’s aunt, while driving to their SAT’s and were killed
      • Business Associate – Sentenced to 1   1/3 – 4  years for vehicular manslaughter