On the eve of Charles Darwin’s birthday I want to take a moment and tell you about a movie that never made it into wide circulation in the United States.  The movie is called “Creation”.  I have blogged about the movie before,  mostly to lament my inability to see it.  At the time of its release back in 2009, I would have had to travel 300 miles to view this movie in exactly “1” Manhattan cinema.  Yes I said “1”!  Well surely it must have been a movie that just wouldn’t have had wide appeal with two bit actors and a measly budget.  Not so!!  The movie stars Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly.  Their movie credits include such critically acclaimed works as, A Beatiful Mind (Oscar Winning), the DaVinci Code, and The Tourist.  The reason that this movie was kept from America was the “controversy” of its subject; evolution.  What most educated 1st world nations accept as fact, we here in America are still on the fence about.  And apparentlythe last thing we can handle is any form of rational discussion on the topic, something that this movie would have most certainly provided.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I discovered that Netflix had it in their library for ondemand streaming.  Oh joy!!  I normally nod off pretty early in the evening but when I settled down to watch this cinematic work, I was transfixed.  You must see it, if only to honor the man who dared to speak the truth, a truth he could not ignore, a truth that nearly destroyed his life. 

Happy Birthday Chuck!!!!