Despite what the mainstream media portrays, Bernie Sanders stands the best chance of winning the White House of any candidate in either party.  Granted, if you are a ‘true’ conservative any argument to vote for Sanders would fall on deaf ears.   I am not here to convince those people.  But if you are a progressive and you are still on the fence on whether or not you should throw your support to Clinton or Sanders, I will outline why the latter is the better choice and why candidate Clinton may lead to serious case of heartburn and buyer’s remorse.

  1. SANDERS is more electable and more likeable.  Again, if all you listen to and watch is FOX, CNN, or MSNBC this might be quite a surprising statement.  Over the last several months there have been multiple polls, both from old media and the typical political pollsters that, hands-down, Bernie beats every current candidate.  In most cases, he is beating contenders by double-digits.  Those same polls show Clinton leading just marginally or in same cases in a virtual tie with Republican adversaries.  Keep in mind this is before we even get to the general election.   In additional polls, Sanders is the only candidate on either side who polls positively with the electorate.  Let’s break that down.  Cruz, Trump and Clinton all have greater negative perceptions by the general populace.  That’s a tough position to campaign from.  Often what that requires is that you motivate your base at the detriment of alienating those who are somewhat ambivalent to you, thus increasing your negatives.  Sanders has the upper-hand.
  2. SANDERS is  an Independent.  Sanders has spent his entire political career as an Independent.  That matters.  Despite what many might believe we are not a Red/Blue country, divided by two far extremes.  Most people who vote hold positions that fall on either side of the center line.  The largest voting block is in fact Independents!  As it currently stands, they are practically unrepresented in the primary process.  There are a few states where independents can vote but that is a small minority.  Those independents will need someone to turn to once the parties have decided their candidates.  If the choice is between Clinton or Trump/Cruz, one of two things will happen, the independent minded will come out for the anti-establishment candidate or they will not like their options and stay home.  In either case, Clinton loses.  If instead it is a contest between Sanders or Trump/Cruz, we have a different story altogether.  Sanders not only resonates with independents but also energizes the youth vote.  Worst case scenario he would split Independents with Trump/Cruz and drive up  Democratic turnout.  I  can’t imagine a scenario where Clinton accomplishes that.
  3. SANDERS is NOT Clinton.  Pretty obvious statement.  Let’s break that down a little bit.  Clinton can certainly make a great argument that she is the ‘experience’ candidate.  Her career spans many decades and many branches of government, including a foreign policy position as Secretary of State.  Consider though, that she has spent much of that time defending herself against right-wing ideologues who have spent not only exorbitant amounts of time but also hundreds of millions of private and public dollars trying to destroy her.  Most of these accusations have resulted in very little substantive outcomes.  We are living in a time of serious issues that need serious attention.  A President Clinton (v2) would most certainly be one filled with constant investigations and hearings led by a Republican led House.  We can’t afford to be distracted by that, not now.  Sanders does not carry that same baggage.  Does that mean he wouldn’t be targeted by right-wing attacks.  That remains to be seen but given his respectable career it would be tough.  Keep in mind, Obama has seen 8 years of a nearly scandal free tenure.  The one glaring exception to that record is Benghazi.  And yes, you guessed it Secretary Clinton was at the center of that one.

So there you have it!  3 solid reasons why Bernie should be the nominee.  I hope for many I have extinguished some media myths and made a rational argument.  I understand that there may be some policy positions that you disagree with Sanders on.  That’s only natural.  But in the end, if what we are looking for is a candidate that can win and will represent people over special interests then there really is only one choice.  My progressive NY friends, let your voices be heard!