I just finished watching NYC mayor, Bill DeBlasio, on Meet the Press.  He was asked by moderator Chuck Todd why Hillary Clinton is the better candidate to get the progressive agenda accomplished.  His answer was, and I am paraphrasing, is that she has the ability to get things done.  She has a history of accomplishing big challenging tasks and the steel to fight for those changes.  Let’s break those comments down.

  1. History of Accomplishments – If you ask any one who follows politics closely what one issue defines Hillary Clinton’s political career, the overwhelming majority would say Health Care reform.  She certainly fought very long and hard but ultimately she and President Clinton failed to achieve any change not just some change.  You could argue that they were facing an obstructionist Republican House and that this was a difficult uphill climb.  In 2017 there’s no reason to believe that calculus changes.  In addition, the right has only become more intransient.  Looking to her time as Senator and Secretary of State I can think of no major standout accomplishment.  More importantly, I am hard pressed to pinpoint any  Progressive initiatives that she has championed.  I am sure there are some but with the level of exposure and notoriety that Clinton has, one would think that we would have heard more.  To me those were simply short-term resume builders to achieve a long term ambition.
  2. She’s a Fighter – She has certainly had to fight, over and over again.  She is really good at fending off attacks.  She’s had to do it her whole career.  It most certainly made her a stronger candidate.  It is also true that she is universally disliked by conservatives, politician and voters alike.  She is also untrusted by many independents.  Those that are her supporters are “all in” on Hillary, but they are a minority, a very well connected minority.  There’s nothing to lead us to believe that from day one of a Clinton v2 presidency the nation will once again be dragged through an endless series of investigations, real or imagined, once again led by a rabidly conservative House.  Once again, the major issues will be sidelined and the sensationalist media will be consumed with covering hearing after hearing.  As it stands right now, Clinton if elected, may be the first president that enters office already embroiled in a scandal.  Can she stand up to these attacks, baseless or not?  Sure.  Knocking down attack after attack does not equate to a more productive president.  I would argue quite the contrary.

It’s time for the Democratic elites to put aside their love of Hillary and pick a true champion of the progressive movement.  To realize that they are move in love with the idea of Hillary than the actual person, that principles and ideals hold more weight than political friendships and personal ambition.